Aintsane stuff is sort of blog/diary by Valentino Marazziti an Amsterdam based  graphic designer from Italy. I mostly post things I'm working on, what inspired me or simply I like.
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  1. dat-sick:

    Bao Nguyen 

    Street Fighter (Neon Project), 2014

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  2. thedsgnblog:

    Brendan Jones   |

    "Academic project for Typography III class. Rebranded logo & design elements around the idea of integration for Google and then implemented them into an annual report for the fiscal year of 2014."

    Student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design program at Northern Kentucky University.

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  3. f-f-f-found:

        Calligraphy by Sam
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  5. type-lover:

    Planche typographique
    by Studio My Name is Wendy

  6. type-lover:

    Planche typographique
    by Studio My Name is Wendy

  7. designaemporter:

Linzie Hunter

Linzie Hunter
    High Resolution
  8. typeworship:

    Here Be Monsters

    I noticed this wonderful Icelandic project of illustrated type inspired by medieval maps featuring fantastical sea creatures. 

    Design by Reykjavík based Stella Björg, these decorated capitals remind me of the Victorian illustrations I’ve written about recently. I love that several of the creatures appear to be based on specific Icelandic mythical beasts, as named at the bottom of the print. I also really like the print colours and flecked paper that gives the final work its antique look.

    My “Here Be Monsters” illustrated letters started from the simple idea of writing “MONSTER” but having finished it just didn’t seem like there was much left to complete the alphabet. I was in no hurry to complete it, so very slowly monstrous letters got added and finally there appeared a complete alphabet. - Stella Björg

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