Aintsane stuff is sort of blog/diary by Valentino Marazziti an Amsterdam based  graphic designer from Italy. I mostly post things I'm working on, what inspired me or simply I like.
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  1. wetheurban:

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Stunning Double Exposure Portraits By Heitor Magno

    Sometimes in a sea of black and white, a single colour image brings out the best of both worlds. Brazilian Heitor Magno is a visual artist who knows this principle.

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  2. MIRA 2014 - Installation 2 by Device

  3. Making of Creating Pioneers by From Form

  4. Onward Internet by Alex Mapar

  5. Audi “Barely Legal Pawn” by Über Content

  6. WXD Wired By Design by Patrick Clair

  7. Mill Move Film by The Mill